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About Motion

Who is Motion Auto Insurance?

We are ridiculously passionate about insurance! That said, while our team has major insurance industry experience, we are also technologists who believe that our chosen industry has some major catching up to do.

What are our values? We believe in leveraging technology to bring transparency, kindness and fairness to our customers. We also believe that you deserve to know how your rate is calculated and how you can pay less. If you share our values, we're the insurer for you.

But you are new, are you backed by someone?

We are structured as an MGA (managing general agent) backed by prominent reinsurers.

Will I save money by switching?

Most people will save money. Why? Because you probably won't switch if we're more expensive. That said, we expect that we'll be cheaper for most people who have us generate a price. Why? Because just a single bad driver can cost hundreds of other drivers hundreds of dollars. By pricing fair, those really bad drivers will stay with other insurers who force decent drivers like you to foot their bad driving bills. Why would they do that? They can't tell the difference between normal drivers and bad drivers.

Do you require a trial period?

Not at all. If we don't have your driving data before we start, your first price will be based on our best guess using traditional insurance rating factors (like almost all other insurance companies). After you start driving, we'll take note so we can get you the fairest price at your next renewal.
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